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 modified: 18 Feb 2007

Quick Purchase Video Page
Alphabetical and Category Listings

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the Academy Brig

A tale of an over the top MP, Brig prisoners, hazing, abuse of power and finally justice.

BUY the Academy Brig @ $24.95

Academy Instructors

A selection of clips from both the Washington MO and Alpharetta GA history of the Academy Training Center.

BUY  Academy Instructors @ $29.95 


Academy Training - One



A collection of four different scenarios involving cell bar bondage, abuse, and interrogation. With outtakes, deleted scenes.

BUY Academy Training 1 @ $24.95


Academy Training - Two

wdchr06.jpg (26506 bytes)

Five different scenarios involving gym bondage, EMT/EMS torture, office hostage, the Academy Wood Chair and a traffic stop.

BUY Academy Training 2 @ $24.95


Academy Training - Three

Three longer scenarios involving someone "collecting cops", a cop-napping, and a home invasion.

BUY Academy Training 3 @ $24.95

Academy Training - Four

A three day client scenario held at the Training Center. Real action that includes body shaving, physical abuse and sexual assault (simulated).

BUY Academy Training Part 4 for $24.95

Note: This videos contains nudity, violence, heavy BD/SM action and simulated sex acts.  Intended for mature audiences only.


Atlanta Knights

Video taped in 1991 as a potential made for TV Movie.  Follow the daily police work of two MC cops, the kidnapping of one and the rescue by the other.

Buy Atlanta Knights @ $24.95



Boot Camp Corrections

Five suspects are held over a weekend at the Training Center and persuaded to talk.  Strip searches, jail cell life, bondage, realistic action.

BUY Boot Camp Corrections @ $29.95
- 2 disc set -

Beyond the Law

A somewhat involved tale of a rouge cop torturing and killing suspects, some overly aggressive field work by the Sheriff's Dept. and finally retribution.

BUY Beyond the Law @ $29.95
- 2 Disc Set -


Cold Steel

Two hours of intense BD/SM action involving: bondage, upside down bondage, paddling, electro-torture, water sports, heavy metal and general humiliation.

BUY Cold Steel @ $24.95

Note: This videos contains nudity, violence, heavy BD/SM action and simulated sex acts.  Intended for mature audiences only.

the Collector

A doctor needs sperm for his
experiments, so he hires Gunner to get it for him.  Gunner kidnaps a "donor" and uses various bondage situations and forced stimulation to get the sperm.  Major appearance by the Academy Metal and wood bondage chairs.

BUY  the Collector @ $24.95

Note: This videos contains nudity, violence, BD/SM action and simulated sex acts.  Intended for mature audiences only.



Final Justice

Crooked cops, a cop seeking revenge for his dead partner,  multiple double crosses and police style restraint.  Video taped on location and at the Academy Training Center.
Note: contains simulated anal sex.

BUY  Final Justice @ $24.95

the Finishers

Sarge, Rigger, and Hunter in their own video about a cop left for dead who seeks revenge.  Rigger and Hunter convince him that they are the only ones who can help. Includes a photo gallery.

BUY   the Finishers @ $24.95

Note: This videos contains language, violence and  heavy BD/SM action.  Intended for mature audiences only.

Force Recon

See in a State forest, Forcer Recon details what happens when terrorists take a Marine Reserve unit hostage and torture them for information.

BUY Force Recon @ $24.95


The Game (No Way Out)

Part of a video (No Way Out) involving an elaborate game: highway arrests, cell bondage, abductions.

BUY the Game @ $24.95


High n Tight

Four Marines are kidnapped and forced to endure bondage and abuse as mysterious agents try to extract the name of a suspect from them.

BUY High n Tight @ $24.95

Academy History - Part 1

A collection of video clips from the early days of the Academy in Washington, MO with client scenarios.

BUY Academy History 1 @ $24.95


Academy History - Part 2


Additional video clips and client scenarios from the Academy at both Washington, MO and Alpharetta, GA covering bondage and humiliation.

BUY Academy History 2 @ $24.95


Academy History - Part 3

Video clips from various Academy videos, special scenes and some client scenarios including the iron lung shaving scene.

BUY Academy History 3 @ $24.95


Academy History - Part 4

Two video shorts intended for television, more client scenes and some material from commercials.

BUY Academy History 4 @ $24.95


Academy History  - Part 5
"the Client"

The trials and tribulations of an Academy Training Center client (seen earlier in History Parts 2,3&4) as he undertakes several scenarios involving bondage, hazing, mummification, medical inspections and forced PT.

BUY Academy History 5 @ $24.95


A Video Collection


Hogtied! is a compilation of hogtie scenarios and scenes from various Academy Training Center and Fleetwood Production videos including: Academy Training 4, Force Recon, Kick-Ass Cops 1, Men in Training and 8 other videos.

BUY Hogtied! @ $24.95


Kick-Ass Cops 1

A hitchhiker is abducted by a cop who abused him in a dungeon.  After escaping he lies to his big brother about what happened.  His brother and buddy seek revenge, but when they learn the truth, they teach the younger brother a lesson.

BUY Kick-Ass Cops @ $24.95

Kick-Ass Cops 2

A "sequel" to Kick-Ass Cops, "the Bounty hunters reunites the buddies who employ some very strange methods in apprehending bail jumpers and extracting information from them.  They turn on their employer before finding themselves the victims.

BUY Kick-Ass Cops 2 @ $24.95



Learning the Ropes

Instruction in the rope techniques used at the Academy - basics, chair, hogtie, reverse hogtie.

BUY Learning the Ropes @ $19.95

Media:  DVD

only $14.95 if purchased with other video




the Manhunters

A rookie Sheriff's deputy undergoes training that is more like hazing.  Proving his metal, he joins Gunner on patrol.  They take a suspect into custody and use some creative interrogation techniques on him.

 BUY the Manhunters @ $24.95


Men in Training

Five "soldiers" get into trouble and are given the opportunity to endure an Academy Training session to avoid going to jail.

BUY Men in Training @ $24.95



Nine-Tenths of the Law

A Marine is arrested and spends 6 days of hell at the Academy Training Center:  bondage, physical abuse, humiliation, sexual assault, medical exams. NUDITY, Simulated Sex.

BUY Nine Tenths of the Law @ $24.95

Note: This videos contains nudity, violence, BD/SM action and simulated sex acts.  Intended for mature audiences only.



Outtakes - Part 1

A collection of materials, featuring bondage, deleted from videos or never making it into any video.

Outtakes Vol. 1 @ $24.95


Outtakes - Part 2

Outtakes Volume 2 contains material never before released, but intended for future publication.  It also includes scenes from a private session deleted from the current version of Sealed UP!.  Plus, the haircut opening scene from Cold Steel and bloopers from the Academy Brig and other titles.

Outtakes Vol. 2 @ $24.95


RAGE -Top Cops Part 2

Sarge and Rigger return and encounter Hunter, a deputy with other plans.  When Hunter goes too far in trying to get Sarge and Rigger to allow him to join them, they teach him a serious lesson.

BUY Top Cops Rage @ $29.95
2 disc set



A different style of video involving bizarre practices, a Vac-U-Jack, breath control and bondage.

BUY Sealed-UP! @ $24.95

To Serve and Protect

The video that introduced Sarge and launched his Academy Training Center video career.  A complex tale of rough police work, betrayals and retribution.
- A Code 3 production

Buy to Serve and Protect @ $29.95

SWAT in Training

A double scenario video: (1) behind the scenes training of a SWAT team, (2) Scott Klein as a "suspect" taken into custody and abused by Gunner.

BUY SWAT in Training @ $24.95


Taken by Force

An Academy style "kidnapping": bondage, realistic abuse, humpy dominators, an actual victim. Includes deleted scenes.

BUY Taken by Force @ $24.95

  Note: This videos contains nudity, violence, heavy BD/SM action and simulated sex acts.  Intended for mature audiences only.

Team Recon

An elaborate "treasure hunt" undertaken by men from the various military branches.  Dirty tricks and bondage are fair tactics to use against the other teams.

BUY Team Recon @ $24.95

Top Cops Part 1

The video that brought Sarge and Rigger together.  Sarge is a cop and Rigger the ranger he "recruits" to help track down gunner runners from the big city.

BUY Top Cops @ $24.95 

Tough Enough - Part 1


Materials taken from client scenarios or intended to be used in videos (involving breath control and smoke).  Includes a deleted scene from Kick-Ass Cops 2.

BUY Tough Enough Part 2 @ $24.95

Tough Enough - Part 2

A collection of endurance scenarios: breath control, push-ups, bondage, and electro torture plus a deleted scene from Men in Training.

BUY Tough Enough Part 2 @ $24.95



the X-10 Formula

Two Marines engage in a "friendly" endurance competition.  The loser finds himself in all sorts of predicaments including the X-10 formula apparatus.

BUY X-10 Formula @ $24.95

Fetish Masters R Us

We are now offering free shipping on Fetish Masters titles, if you buy at least one other Fetish Master title enter "combo" as the coupon code and save $5 on that title (you have to do this for each title).

Search and Seizure

A cop (Scott Spears) gets more than he bargained for when he stumbles upon a dungeon during a house search. Newcomer Mike Hunter provides the dungeon action and training.

Buy Search and Seizure @ $39.95

Coupon Code:

This video contains real bondage, abuse, and nudity, oral and anal sex.

the Sore Sir's Apprentice

A nice set piece of bondage, paddling, SM and more when a would be thief is put through trials by a sadistic illusionist.

Buy Sore Sir's Apprentice @ $29.95

Coupon Code:


This video contains real bondage, abuse, and nudity.

The Interview

Rich (Wrangler) shows up at a hotel room for an interview with Chase Roberts, that turns into an audition.  Great chemistry. 

Buy the Interview @ $29.95

Coupon Code:


This video contains real bondage, abuse, and nudity, oral and anal sex.


The Transformation

An actual dungeon scene.  A peeping tom (Trey) gets caught in the act.  Subjected to the activities that turned him on, he finds a new life as a slave to Master Rock.

BUY the Transformation @ $34.95

Coupon Code:


This video contains real bondage, abuse, ass play and self-masturbation. 

Everything (but the kitchen sink)

Buy the entire Academy Training Center video collection for only $849.95
with free insured shipping in the USA via USPS Priority Mail.
(please enquire about overseas shipment at )

NO Further Discounts Apply

EXCLUDES Bound&Gagged Videos
EXCLUDES FetishMasters R Us Videos


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