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Cold Steel

Cold Steel has very little plot. Basically a prisoner is at the mercy of a mysterious cop (Malloy) and must endure whatever is dished out.  Things get more interesting when a third person (Gunner) turns the tables on the cop and then takes over the abuse and training of the prisoner.  Includes two short scenes found in the original "members only" version.

Year of production: 1998

contains frontal nudity, highly realistic scenarios

running time approximately 2 hours.

[link to exemption 8 U.S.C. section 2257 statement]

Lots of ways of humiliating and degrading a prisoner:
  • forced cigar smoking;
  • forced drinking and boot licking;
  • diapers;
  • paddling (upside down);
  • proper hair cuts;
  • use of stun guns
  • straight jackets
  • duct tape bondage
  • heavy metal bondage
  • rope bondage


dc46.jpg (8563 bytes)
dc6.jpg (39269 bytes)
dc51.jpg (6550 bytes)
dc43.jpg (16373 bytes)

dc53.jpg (24074 bytes)There is also a bit of turn-about as Gunner takes charge of the cop and the prisoner

[Purchase DVD at $24.95]

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