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B&D Themed Titles

A number of these videos contain nudity, bondage and discipline.
Definitely for the mature audiences who are not offended by such matters.

If you like the themes of this videos but want something with a harder edge and sexual content,
you might consider some of the titles available from out Bound&Gagged catalog or
some of the titles from Bound Gods (note: Bound Gods is a Pay-per-View site)

To purchase a video please select a title from the following list (repeat as necessary).

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All prices include free Priority Mail shipping in the USA and territories;
shipping to a foreign country entails a surcharge of $20 USD.

Beyond the Law

(2 DVD set)



Beyond the Law involves a rouge cop who kidnaps, tortures and then kills suspects and hangs the bodies in plastic bags.  The video also follows the somewhat questionable duty activities of several deputies. from a Sheriff's department.  Lot's of location shooting.
A two disk set running over 3hrs.

Kick-Ass Cops



A hitchhiker is picked up by a cop who make him his bondage/discipline slave for the day. When he escapes, he lies to his big brother about being raped who, with a buddy, takes revenge.  When they discover the truth they meet out appropriate discipline.  Good dungeon action.

Kick-Ass Cops
Part 2



Something of a sequel to Kick-Ass Cops 1, "the Bounty Hunters" has primary characters making a living as bounty hunters who employ strange methods. These include bondage, torture, and humiliation.  They turn on their employer only to find the tables turned on them.

Buy Kick-Ass Cops 1 and 2 together for a special price of $44.95

Vol. 2



Outtakes Volume 2 contains material never before released, but intended for future publication.  It also includes scenes (which feature nudity, flogging, heavy bondage and verbal abuse) from a private session deleted from the current version of Sealed UP!.  Plus, the haircut opening scene from Cold Steel and bloopers from the Academy Brig.

the Finishers



The first independently produced effort by the stars of Top Cops Rage and is a tale of revenge and mystery.  Filmed on location in NYC. Note: this video contains graphic violence and rough language. The video contains a photo gallery and outtakes.


The Finishers is available at a reduced price in combination with other Top Cops titles

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