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Academy History Titles

All videos on this page are either exempt from or in compliance with 18 U.S.C. 2257 record keeping
[link to exemption 8 U.S.C. section 2257 statement]

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These videos represent over 15 years of material taken from surveillance cameras at the former Academy Training Center, video tapes of client scenarios, promotional materials, deleted scenes from videos, blooper "reels" and various outtakes.

Academy History
Part One



A pictorial history of the "Academy Experience" from 1978 thru the early 90's.  Picture quality ranges from OK to poor.
Formally titled:
Academy Pictorial History
Academy History
Part Two




More a collection of scenes and client scenarios that never made it into videos, but a good illustration of the "Academy Experience".  Good video quality. Highlights include the display box & inverted bondage.

Academy History
Part Three




Surveillance camera material from early ATC sessions including cops and Marines; footage of Malloy, Gunner, Cross, Tony, and the cop who was kidnapped in Kick-Ass Cops II, deleted scenes from Cold Steel, a shaving scene from Washington, MO, and more (Note: this video was previously labeled Outtakes Vol. Two)

Academy History Part Four



Academy History 4 is a collection of four titles: (1) Cop Shorts - a highway arrest scenario, (2)  a made for TV video "Lock Up", (3) a client's weekend arrest and interrogation scenario ,  (4) the original Program Information video, and (5) a video short: the D.I. 

Academy Instructors




Double disc set of Academy Instructors Atlanta and Academy Instructors Washington.  This video has contains actual scenarios from the earlier days of the Academy, plus surveillance camera videos shot during video productions. Real cops, Marines, and clients.
Video quality varies.

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