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Academy Instructors

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Academy Instructors

From the original web site page:

You have always fantasized about what would happen if you challenged a real COP. What would happen if you "bucked" the system. You are cuffed and stuffed - what do you do now ?
Now you can SEE IT, just what happens when Academy participants chose to go man-to-man with the COPS. No arrest record, no regrets, and NO RULES. You will see all the real Cops, real Marines, Corrections officers and their interaction with prisoners in documentary-style cinematography.
Many of your favorite characters will be seen as Instructors but the real treat will be seeing 10 Instructors that have never been seen on video before in previous videos. The Instructors are are aggressive, sometimes cocky, always ready.
This is real and unscripted, the action contained in an Academy experience has not been duplicated by ANYONE in this type of environment. There will be interrogations, strip searches, restraint, cell time, prisoners resisting, cuffing, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and much more. The tapes are gritty, not digital but the viewer will feel the intensity of the Instructors personality and control. The photos on these pages can not convey the intensity of the action in these videos, but I am sure any fan of the Academy will really enjoy this series."

Chip Weichelt 2002

Production Notes: The videos are based on VHS cameras and security camera footage. Much of it is in B&W with some color. 
Quality on the video and audio is passible.

Years of Production: Pre-1995 (Washington) and 1996 (Atlanta)

Approximate run time 2 hours (1 hour each)

[link to exemption 8 U.S.C. section 2257 statement]

Academy Instructors:


The below scenes are from
Men in Training


Academy Instructors:

Some additional scenes from Academy Instructors -  Washington
(click for larger image)

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