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History Part 4

Academy History Part 4 consists of four selections from both unpublished projects and some previously published materials from the Academy Training Center.

Year of Production: Part 1 - 1996, Parts 2 to 4 - Pre-1995
Mixed Analog/Digital and Surveillance   Running time 90 min.

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Part One - Cop Shorts
One of Chip Weichelt's project was a series of short subjects relating to cops (thus the title, Cop Shorts). Shot on location, Cop Shorts is about a traffic stop and subsequent activities.  Two motor cycle cops and a cruiser stop three men in a Mustang.  After arresting and cuffing them (face down), the cops call in a EMT vehicle.  Two of the suspects are subsequently tied down on medical gurneys and then spirited away.
Part Two - Lock Up

Another of Chip's projects was to be a TV series about the activities of the Training Center when it was located in Missouri. The pilot was a formal production entitled Lock Up.  (With TV commercials this would have just made it as a half hour show.)

Watch a short video clip of "Lock-Up"This is a tale of a white collar type who watches a TV newscast about some police brutality.  He engages in a fantasy of what it would be like to be stopped, arrested and then subject to abuse and intimidation.  A knock at the door snaps him out of his day dream, when he opens the door, there is the police office from his day dream . . . . .

Part Three  -
A Client Scenario

This 21 minute segment was taped at the Washington, MO Training Center. It represents the initial part of a full weekend training session covering intake processing, strip search and body cavity inspection, and some PT (contains frontal nudity). The client here can also be seen in Tough Enough 2 (the head cage scene) and in the iron lung shaving scenes in Academy History One and Two.

The complete weekend training session can be found in Academy History Part 5

Part Four - Program Information Video

As part of advertising for the Academy Training Center, Chip produced a 35 minute Program Information Video.  It features stages scenarios, using Academy staff, that are available to clients.

The scenarios included abduction, intake processing, bondage in various forms (including the metal bondage chair) and military training. 

We left in the advertising material as found on the original video tape (minus the web site and mailing address, as the Academy Training Center no longer exists).


The video concludes with with the full 5 minute segment on boot camp training found in the Program Information Video.  

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