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Kick-Ass Cops

 If you like some of the scenarios in this video, you might find Stay out of the Fucking Fast Lane! from Bound Gods to be of interest.

This video and all graphic images on this page is in full compliance with both the record keeping requirements of 18 U.S.C. section 2257. [link to exemption statement]

Year of production: Pre-1995

One of the first videos not based on scenarios from the Academy Training Center.
A tale of a cranky cop who abducts and torments a hitch-hiker and then finds himself the victim when the big brother of the hitch-hiker, and his buddy, take matters into their own hands.  A must have for Academy video fans.  
Contains rear nudity.

Video includes outtakes AND previews from Kick-Ass Cops 2: Bounty Hunters

Year of production: 1994   Released: 1995

Single DVD/tape; running time of main title approx. 75 min.
Outtakes and previews: 30 min.

The Video

His prisoner waits hogtied before being taken into the dungeon for confinement, heavy bondage and flogging

kac_02.jpg (10550 bytes)kac_06.jpg (5559 bytes)

Kac_15.jpg (17144 bytes)kac_22.jpg (19303 bytes)

Later on, after spending some time in a body bag

the hitch hiker escapes and tells all to his big brother who sets out with an even bigger buddy to extract some retribution.

Kac_30.jpg (15509 bytes)kac31.jpg (12418 bytes)
Kick-1.jpg (91342 bytes)

Along the way they teach little brother a lesson of their own.

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Kac_38.jpg (20648 bytes)


Scenes from
Kick-Ass Cops 2
 the Bounty Hunters

kac2tmn2.jpg (23395 bytes)

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