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Academy Training 4

[link to exemption 8 U.S.C. section 2257 statement]
One of the last videos taped at the Academy Training Center, Academy Training 4 is a weekend scenario staged for a Training Center client.  Subtitled Prisoner Abuse, this version of the original video focuses just on the client. (The remaining material from the original will be re-released in Academy Outtakes Vol. 2). The video features humiliation, abuse and dirty rough man talk from real cops and the grim reality of a helpless prisoner.

Production Date: 1999    Released: 1999

Single DVD/tape; running time is 1 hr. 40 min.

contains frontal and real nudity and simulated sex acts

Day One

Physical Abuse

The prisoner is strip searched by deputies Gunner and Ross at the beginning of his stay at the Training Center.

Later he is stripped, handcuffed and hung upside down for a session of verbal abuse, ass paddling, humiliation and torment with a taser.


Before the day is over, our prisoner is subject to humiliation by having to service Gunner's boots with his tongue.

Day Two

The second day starts with our prisoner being stripped and strung up in the garage for a "shower" and shave plus he is subjected to verbal humiliation.


Later that day he is strung up in the exercise room where Gunner dons boxing gloves and has a workout on the body of the prisoner.


Deputy Ross discovers what is going on and dons the gloves himself.  But instead of working on the prisoner, he goes toe to toe with Gunner.
Knocking Gunner our, Ross carries him into the day room, where he chains gunner and then hog ties him on a medical gurney.

Later that day, he shackles the prisoner to the cell bars and enagages in some intimidation and breath control.   Then using a knife, strips the prisoner and then amuses himself by threatening to cut off vital body parts.

Thinking everything is over, our prisoner is surprised to find two masked guard entering his cell.  He quickly finds himself naked and strapped to the cell bars, legs spread wide and ass exposed.  He is then sexually assaulted at both ends by both guards.

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