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The Collector

A mad scientist (is there any other kind) hires a mercenary to forcibly extract sperm from his kidnapped victims. (Seems the sperm is the basis of some miracle cure).  Not content with something conventional, our mercenary employs various forms of bondage as a form of inducement and various means of artificial stimulation. Contains Full Frontal Nudity

Year of production: 1998

Running time 2 hours.

[link to exemption 8 U.S.C. section 2257 statement]

After being kidnapped in the woods  and then stripped and cuffed,

the donor is placed in a wooden bondage chair (also seen in Academy Training 1) where a vibrators help to produce the sperm and Texas catheter collects it.

rac3.jpg (22528 bytes)

When he proves a bit recalcitrant, some additional bondage is employed to help his production.
rac8.jpg (22162 bytes)

rac9.jpg (26134 bytes)

A brand-new bondage device is later employed on another donor, the "Vac-Rac" vacuum platform.


In the end, our original donor is put on display even as his sperm is still collected.

rac11.jpg (28759 bytes)

Opening shots

Seems our collector likes to sleep in the the Vac-Rac
collect1.jpg (36090 bytes)
collect2.jpg (28613 bytes)


 Bonus Material

from History Part 3 the extended beer/piss outtakes from Cold Steel

[Purchase DVD at $24.95]

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