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High 'n Tight

If you like the theme of this video you might find Hot New Sub Drake Temple or the POW  from Bound Gods to be of interest.
You might also consider Soldiers in the Dungeon, LABD Grey or Military Ties from Bound and Gagged

The Video

Arrested and abused...

hnt_1.jpg (14125 bytes)
hnt_3.jpg (17289 bytes)

and dumped in a trunk for transport

No effort is spared to secure the truth.
interrogate2jpg.jpg (11153 bytes)
frnk1.jpg (14279 bytes)

controlled and intimidated and interrogated

interrogate1.jpg (8571 bytes)

The point made to the reluctant Marines that they have to cooperate, or else. . .

You can also watch the isolation room abuse of the straight jacketed Marine in  the video outtakes of "Tough Enough" (see a short clip).

Watch a short clip of the isolation room

Check out the mummification scene that lasts over 15min.

silver1.jpg (12846 bytes)

Watch a short clip of the mummification

sarge.jpg (12579 bytes)Finally their sergeant arrives 

high4.jpg (77813 bytes)

after being abused himself, frees his Marines

and they turn the tables on the guards.


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