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Force Recon

Filmed entirely outdoors with real Marines who, while camping, are attacked by covert operatives.  Video features real abuse and actual rope bondage (hog ties, tied to trees, staked out). 

Year of production: 1994  Released: 1995

65 min running time; plus 20 min of bloopers and deleted scenes

[link to exemption 8 U.S.C. section 2257 statement]

Just before dawn terrorists attack a Marine Recon unit.

recon09.jpg (10065 bytes)
recon12.jpg (11759 bytes)

All the sleepy grunts are carted off to parts of the forest and bound to trees for later interrogation.
recon11.jpg (20334 bytes)recon10.jpg (16863 bytes)

click on TV to watch a short video clip 
(catch Joe reverse
hog tied in Learning the Ropes)

One of the Marines is tied up in one of the most thorough hog ties around.
recon15.jpg (22418 bytes)wpe20.jpg (17263 bytes)

and then is left to struggle until they need questions answered
click on TV to watch a short video clip 


The Staff Sergeant is spread-eagled and at the mercy of his captors, while another Marine is tortured until he reveals secret information. 
force1.jpg (58263 bytes)
the action gets a bit rough
force2.jpg (71353 bytes)

(catch Brandon chair tied and
hog tied in Learning the Ropes)

[Purchase DVD at $24.95]

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