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Top Cops One

updated: 21 Feb 2007

This video and all graphic images on this page is in full compliance with the record keeping requirements of 18 U.S.C. section 2257. [link to exemption statement]

Year of production: 2000

Top Cops 1 is the first tape to be produced by Top Cops Video Productions an outgrowth of Academy Entertainment Videos.  It stars Sarge (from to Serve and Protect) and Rigger who have great chemistry to gether.
This version include some deleted scenes and outtakes.

Produced in 2000   Released in 2000

running time approx. 100 min.

A teenager has been killed in a drive-by shooting on the streets of New York City. The killer is apprehended but the markings on the military handgun show that it came from North Carolina. It seems that a lot of military weapons have been showing up in the hands of small-time criminals lately. And a New York City Police Sergeant wants to know why.



To get the answers, our Sergeant is going to need help.  He finds it in an Army Ranger (Rigger). But first Rigger needs to be persuaded to help out.
Sarge's approach is innovative to say the least, but it is (eventually) effective.

Click here for a slide show of the hospital and VacRac sequences.

Now working as a team, they capture a couple of suspects and convince them to name names.

The trail leads to some military personnel, where Rigger's Ranger background comes in handy

But, their suspects are reluctant to talk, so they try several approaches including water torture to make them talk (Rigger had scuba training).


The story concludes at an indoor amusement park, with some hi-wire antics and a chase scene with mini-cars.

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