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Tough Enough Vol 2

Modified: 02/25/2007

This video and all images on this page are either exempt from or in compliance with 18 U.S.C. 2257 record keeping [link to compliance statement]

Year of Production: Pre-1995

Tough Enough Volume Two continues the concept of Tough Enough. Drawing on unreleased material or extended sequences from prior videos, Tough Enough Volume Two is a collection of staged and client scenarios with an emphasis on breath control, smoke torture, rough interrogations and endurance.  The video is a mix of analog and digital sources.

Segments produced between 1989 and 1995. 
Some material released prior to 1996, other material in 2005.

Approximate running time 1 hour and 45 min.

Several large format pictures from this video can be found in our <Gallery Photos> page.

Breath Control and Smoke

During the mid-90s, one of the favorite items at the Training Center was the diving helmet.  Used with or without a wet suit, the helmet was used for breath control, smoke and control (as in bondage).

There are two scenes here, one involving the rotating metal bondage chair and one involving bondage to cell bars.  Both feature cigar smoke torture.


The helmet was also featured in  <Men in Training>, deleted scenes from which are included here.  The "recruit" spent several hours chained to a medical gurney in dry suit and diving helmet.
Note: This clip contains footage deleted from the original video

Rough Interrogations

Many client scenarios involved interrogation. In some cases this could get really rough. Here are two longer length video shorts illustrating that point. 

The first video short here is taken from a specific client weekend and involved arrest, humiliation, forced buzz cut, interrogation with breath control and pain, and bondage.  (Additional scenes are found in Cop Shorts in <Academy History Part 4>


The Training Center had many ways of testing the endurance of clients.  In the early days, this involved using the isolation cell, the hot box and the smoke chamber.  At the Atlanta facility, bondage to cell bars, straight jackets and other situations were used.  The two short videos offered here are from both eras.


The first is from a client scenario at Missouri involving heavy metal bondage and the padded isolation booth.  The client wanted to test his limits.  (Other scenes involving this client can be seen in History Parts  <One> and <Two>.  A full length DVD of the entire weekend is in the works.)




The second endurance offering consists of deleted scenes from  <Men in Training> that involve exhaustive pushups and verbal harassment of the "recruits".

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