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Atlanta Knights

Atlanta Knights was the first full length video to be produced by the Academy and set the pattern for many that followed. It was intended for television broadcast.
Atlanta Knights is the story of Officer Stevens, a motorcycle cop who follows up on an investigation without backup once too many and gets into trouble. 

Our new extended edition includes some outtakes and an interview (of sorts) with star David Monroe.

[get a poster of David Monroe]

Year of Production: 1991

Single DVD (or tape) running time 59 min for main movie,  plus 17 min of extras.

[link to exemption 8 U.S.C. section 2257 statement]

This video features real cops, equipment and locations


 really bad villains, doing nasty things to Officer Stevens


lots of bondage and action

and a happy ending.

Outtakes and the Interview

[Purchase DVD at $24.95]

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