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Bound&Gagged Videos

These videos and all graphic images on this page is in full compliance with the record keeping requirements of 18 U.S.C. section 2257. [link to exemption statement]

Years of production: 1995 to 2006

Before there was Bound Gods from Kink.Com (and a host of other video sites), there were the videos created by Bob Wingate, the publisher of Bound & Gagged Magazine.  These videos feature real people, real locations, real bondage, discipline, S&M and sex (in most titles). The early videos were taped in SuperVHS/BetaMax (couple in VHS or Beta), so suffer a bit in quality, but perfectly viewable, and the audio is good. The later titles were record on digital media so the quality is similar to that of DVDs.

The Outbound Press (that is Bob) stopped DVD production and sales a few years back so these titles are in limited quantities; this is a great chance to own these videos. These are the uncut DVDs with photo galleries, previews and occasional outtakes.

While the magazine has ceased publication, Bob maintains a Blog at:

(All images copyright Bound & Gagged/the Outbound Press, all rights reserved, used here by permission)

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The video titles are organized by categories (for alphabetical used navigation bar at left):

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Two Part Videos

Masters and Slaves 1

In part 1 of Masters and Slaves, Masters Jason Branch and Steve Ross meet and begin a relationship with mutual bondage and service.  Steve hands Jason his slave for a hot session.  Later on the two Masters work their slaveboys (an alpha beta relationship in the brewing) together.

Masters and Slaves 2

Part 2 of the Masters and Slaves story finds in an ongoing relationship sharing their bed and slaves. When Jason and Steve leave town, Slaveboy Aaron  gets a bit cocky and takes on his own puppy for training.  When our Masters return they are not happy and hand out the discipline. The video concludes with a night at the Lure.

Buy both Parts 1 and 2 for a special price of $39.95

Tag Tied

New to the dungeon Tag Adams finds he is a natural bottom for bondage, abuse and humiliation. found tied in a box with just his head exposed by Master Doug Jeffries, Tag is subjected to a variety of bondage situations and ass training.  He also provides service with both his holes to Doug's cock.

Tag Punished

The sequel to Tag Tied, Tag Punished opens with Tag stripped cuffed and in a metal head sphere, while another slave looks on from a nearby cage.  Both Master Doug and his buddy Mario, work over Tag with flogging, hot wax, and ass work.  The slave is not neglected either.

Buy both Tag Tied and Tag Punished for a special price of $39.95

Military Themed

Soldiers in the Dungeon

Scene Thumbnail Three hot young soldiers submit to being tied up & punished (tightly bound, gagged, flogged, hot wax, clothes pins & more) by huge-cocked Michael Brandon. If you love to see guys in uniform, youíll love this video.

Military Ties

Bondage Buddies: Military Ties is about two hot men in uniform, who switch off being top in a  military dungeon. Diego gets tied to cell bars and milked, chained in a standing position and loaded down with ball weights, is forced to give oral sex while suspended upside down, has wax dropped on him as he lies tied on the floating bondage board, and gets hogtied in a gas mask. Finally he is forced to cum.


In the first part of this video, seven hot military-looking guys play a bunch of rope games. Part two takes place after hours in the famous L.A. leather bar, The Faultline. A beautiful boy, spreadeagled on a pool table, is punished for dying his hair purple by a hot bartender, who then takes a tattooed, pierced, arrogant punk down a few pegs, leaving him to shout for help in a tight steel cage in an empty darkened bar.

Buy all three military themed titles for a special price of $59.95

Early History

Bound & Gagged
The Video

The first video made by Bound & Gagged magazine shows a bunch of different bondage scenes starring five handsome, hunky guys who are really into it. Ropes, gags, wet suits, a bondage board, tit play, cock and ball play and, as always, more.

A Day at the Office

Bound & Gagged editor/publisher Bob Wingate (here played by Kyle Brandon) is looking for a new employee. Four handsome young men endure the job interview from Hell. Bondage, lots of abuse and tons o' cum!

Alley Pigs in Bondage

Peter Sparrow's pissing in a New York City alley when Mike Stone stops to watch. One thing quickly leads to another. Sparrow leads Stone to his apartment dungeon where Shane Stevens waits caged, bound, hooded and ball-weighted. From then on the action is rough and non-stop.

Boy on Tap

New York's leather bar the Eagle has an opening for a bar back. Hot Aaron Parker wants the job, and is ready to do just about anything necessary to get it. He proves that when necessary he can take orders, no matter how demanding, and accept correction, no matter how painful.

A Night at the Lure

In New Yorkís famous leather bar, The Lure, a dishonest bartender hooks up with a sleazy "businessman" to bind and whip and punish hot young guys, lock them away in thick-walled cells, then sell them into slavery. This comes to a head on a night when Bound & Gagged editor Bob Wingate (played by Bob Phillips) arrives at the bar for a bondage demo.

"Boy Training" (all actors and depictions over 18yr of age)


Scene Thumbnail Boysitter Oskar of "Catch a Thief" fame is one of the nastiest boysitters in town!

Catch a Thief

A petty thief breaks into a sleeping house and in the process of taking gets taken! Young, blonde Tim Taylor is caught in the act by handsome, powerful Master Oskar are put into an abrupt career change-caught, caged, collared, enslaved. This video shows how to turn a cute, sniveling twerp into a model slaveboy, eager to serve, and to please.

Hardhat MasterHardhat

Scene Thumbnail When hardhat Owen Hawk discovers that young businessman Jason Dean hides photos of him in his secret toybox, Hawk's quick to turn Dean into the bondage sex slave Dean's dreamed of becoming. A quick phone call puts Hawk's hardhat fuckbuddy Austin Edwards in on nasty action in one of the hottest bondage videos we've ever produced.

The Salesman

Working his way through college as a vacuum cleaner salesman, cute & innocent Luke Sabre knocks on big, hot Michael Brandon's door & finds himself up against the biggest, hardest sale he's ever had to make. It takes more than a smooth pitch to convince Brandon,  who likes to tie boys up, that he needs a new vacuum cleaner in his life.

Abductions and Fantasies


Two guys, a bottom and a top, plan an abduction scene over the internet. The whole thing works out smoothly, or seems to: the guy and his sidekick jump the young runner in the black running shorts, tie him up in a sleeping bag and drive him in a closed van to their home and dungeon, where their bondage pig houseboy waits in chains. As it turns out, however, one detail is overlooked, which changes everything

Objects of Desire

A bondage/SM fantasy in which two buddies go to the country for a weekend and find a magical world and a mysterious Master. Cops, military, bondage, slave training and more.
In the offices of The Outbound Press, a very submissive employee finds himself the prey of a crafty, seductive thief, who seduces him, ties him up and the gets caught by the employee's lover who is a cop. As the saying goes "Turn Around is Fair Play" and our cop/lover treats the robber to discipline and forced servitude.

No Holds Barred

Thoughts of hot wrestling & inescapable bondage fuel the fantasies of young Tony Ferrari. After an especially sizzling jerk off session, Tony builds up the nerve to answer an old classified ad of a bondage master/wrestling coach. Tony accepts a challenge from the coach where the stakes transform him far beyond the bondage fantasies of his dreams.

General Fun

Bondage Under Construction 

Brent loses a bet and becomes Jimmy's slave for a day in a house under construction and a new relationship is built.

Letís Tie Up Tommy

In one of the hottest threesomes on record, Jimmy and Mark get their fill of fun-sex suck/fuck activity, then decide to take a break, leaving their buddy Tommy hungry to get his own rocks off. When Tommy gets pesky, the two tie him up, spank him and gag him.  Afterwards they call out for a pizza. The pizza boy gets right into the act before getting tied up himself, and everyone eats his fill of pizza and dick.
Tit for Tat 1
Part 1 - Shawn Islander and lover Jeff D. Kota trade off tying each other up.   Part 2 has Eric Estevez and Kipp Kasey trade off bondage and dominance.
Tit for Tat 2
Two roomates play bondage games with each other one slow afternoon. Bonus footage has Scott Mann tying up and gagging Logan Reed.

Buy Tit for Tat 1 and 2 for a special price of $39.95

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