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Shopping Information

We use a commercial shopping cart for taking orders on this web site.  This cart uses encryption when you add items to the card and 128-bit SSL encryption when you finally submit the order for payment.  The personal information you submit is stored in secure, encrypted database at our provider's site.  The card is VISA CISP compliant.
Only StationHouse Video personnel can retrieve your information. 

We accept payment by VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Money Orders and PayPal.

Official PayPal Seal

Adding an item to the shopping cart.
  1. You can add items to the shopping cart whenever you see a button.  Once you add an item you will see the entry in the shopping cart window.  You can delete an item or change it's quantity in the shopping cart [see illustration]
  2. The default quantity for an item is one (1); you can enter a larger quantity after adding to item to the cart.
    In the shopping cart, if you click on the quantity number you can change the quantity (this is handy for those items without a quantity input box).
  3. The only media is DVD (we have dropped VHS tapes) in region free NTSC format.
  4. Please double check the size, finish or color when ordering other merchandise.
  5. You can continue shopping or check-out by selecting the appropriate button in the cart,
    for example will take you to the checkout page.
Checking Out

The check out process is rather straightforward.

The first step is to either log in as a returning customer, create a new account or just continue with placing the order.  You DO NOT have to create an account to order from StationHouse Video Distribution.
However, if you plan on being a repeat customer, it will save time on order in the future.  The shopping cart will fill in billing information, however will be required to re-enter payment information. DO NOT forget your password, we cannot re-set it.

If you decide to continue without logging in or creating an account, please enter and then verify your e-mail address; this is required to continue.
The next screen you will see, will be the Billing Information screen.  We require a minimum of  a name, street address, town, zip code and a phone number.  The zip code is REQUIRED for credit card authorization and a phone number is REQUIRED for international shipments.  Additional information (e.g., province) for international helps ensure your order gets to you.

If your billing and shipping addresses are the same, please check the box, this will save time for you.  

When you are satisfied that all the information is correct press , if you check the box to indicate that the billing and shipping addresses are the same you will jump to the Shipping and Payment screen.  Otherwise you will be asked to enter shipping information.
On the Shipping and Payment screen, you will need to indicate what method of shipping you prefer.  The shipping charge on DVDs is free, other items are based on weight. International shipping has a $20 surcharge. [more information on shipping]
You will have to select you method of payment.  At present we accept VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Money Orders.

If you elect PayPal, we will send a payment request via PayPal to the e-mail address you provided.

If you elect to pay by Money Order, please contact us first to confirm (e-mail) the final total. Payments should be sent to: Sales, PO Box 4340, Waterbury, CT 06704-4340

Please double check the information you provide for the credit card; VISA, MasterCard and Discover numbers consist of 16 digits while AMEX numbers are 15 digits. The billing zipcode you provided MUST match that on the card.
Errors here will lead to a decline from your bank. When satisfied, please click on the button to finish and confirm your order.

The Confirm and Submit page will summarize all of the billing and shipping information you provided.  Links indicated in green allow you to change billing, shipping, shipment method or payment method if something is incorrect.  You can also cancel the order.

Once you click here , payment information will be sent for authorization to your bank. If approved, your credit card will be debited for the amount of the order.  At this point, should you want to cancel your order, you will have to notify us to cancel your order.  Please keep in mind that we are billed for each transaction by the credit card processor, so if you want to cancel your order do so before submitting it.

By clicking on the Submit Order button you are agreeing to pay for the order by debiting your credit card.  This is equivalent to your signature on a credit card slip.

Checking Order Status

Now that you have completed your order, we recommend printing a copy before leaving our site or returning to look at other titles.  You will also receive a confirmation email. 

You can check the status of your order by entering the order number and your email address in the Check Order Status form found on the home page, in the left navigation area or on the Help page.

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