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Masters&Slaves 1
Opposite Attractions

Produced: 1/2002
Run Time: 1 hr. 50 min. (plus outtakes, photo gallery, previews, etc.)
Written and directed by Bob Wingate

Stars: Jason Branch, Steve Ross, Aaron Tanner and Jay Ross

Nudity, oral anal sex, masturbation, BD/SM activities.

[Statement of 2257 Compliance]

Good DVD digital video quality.

First part of a two part story (the story concludes in Masters and Slave II - the Ties that Bind.)

Muscled hunks Jason Branch and Steve Ross are heavy top men who fall for each other hard. Kissing progresses to mutual rough sex and bondage.  After Steve introducing his slave to Jason and offers him as a sex toy, Jason returns the favor. Jason puts Steve's slave (Aaron Tanner) through a rigorous session of bondage and servitude. The two Masters work the slaveboys together and alone, then squeeze them both into a puppy cage and leave them on their own to get better acquainted  (the start of an alpha/beta relationship...but more of that in part 2).
"Beautifully filmed, the bondage and SM are relentless, and the tenderness of strong men for each other and their slaves is powerfully depicted. By the end of the video, an unusual and extremely functional Master/slave family has been created.
This video, which stands on its own, departs from the California golden boy look for the grit and beauty of New York." - Bob Wingate, Director

[Note: you can also find Jason and Steve starring in Boy on Tap]



 DVD $24.95 

Buy both Masters and Slaves  titles for $39.95  

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