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Tit for Tat 1

Running Time:  69  minutes  (plus photo gallery, previews, etc.)
Released: 01/2001
Written and directed by Bob Wingate

Stars: Kipp Kasey, Shawn Islander, Jeff D. Kota, Eric Estevez

Nudity, oral sex, masturbation.

[Statement of 2257 Compliance]

Good video quality

Shawn Islander said it was impossible to keep his tall, blonde lover Jeff D. Kota tied down for long, and he certainly can't do it, though not for want of trying. When Jeff gets free, he does a much better payback job on Shawn, who thrashes and thrashes around, only to succeed in getting thrashed himself, and more.
The second part of this video opens with beautiful young Eric Estevez, struggling to get himself untied, and actually doing it, only to get tied up all over again, inescapably. Dark, sultry Kipp Kasey enters the room, and what follows is a scene of beautiful bondage eroticism. Later, it's Kipp's turn to be spreadeagled on the bed, with Eric in control and in surprisingly strong control, for one so young.

DVD $24.95

Buy Tit for Tat 1 and 2 for $39.95 

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