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Pre-Viewed DVDs

These XXX DVDs have been pre-viewed but are in excellent condition.  Purchase of these DVDs does not violate any copyrights to our knowledge. 

Only one copy per title; once a title sells it will be removed from the list below.

Titles from Tom "Ropes" McGurk

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please go to the Tom Ropes McGurk Web Store

Suffer for Me
Bondage, whipping, hot wax
Master DaSilva, Kade


How to Tie Up Your Boyfriend
Mainly a rope bondage technique video with Master DaSilva, N. Loquillo & Caedon (minimal sex)
Classics Vol.  14
Roped and Uses; Roped and Drilled - Max Grand, Cougar Cash, Vince Rockland, Dustin Lee
Classics Vol. 21
Cut No Slack; Obedience Lesson - Cougar Cash, Ken Shabby, Dustin Lee, Paul Rapallo
College Bound
Bondage, ball torture and ass play
Master Moreno, Noah
Bondage, whipping, body punching, shaving
Master Dude, Wyhet Night
College Balls
Bondage, ball torture and ass play
Master Bondi, Noah
Suck It Up
Bondage and pain training
Master Bondi, Tyler
Bondage, foot torture, CBT
Master Bondi, Dorian
Basic Training
Military flavor with bondage, suspension, CBTT
Master Bondi, Harley Fox
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Titles from Bound and Gagged.

Alley Pigs in Bondage
A fun session with a trio of buddies that includes suspension, flogging, ass-toys and mores.
No Holds Barred
A fantasy type video with a student who submits to a wrestling coach.
Masters and Slaves 1
Jason Branch and Steve Ross are heavy top men who fall for each other.  They end up sharing their individual slaves.
<link to DVD>
Masters and Slaves 2
When one slave decides to train his own puppy/slave, our two Masters remind their slaves who is really in charge via a hot four-way in the dungeon.
<link to DVD>
Tag Tied
In his first bondage experience, Tag discovers a wonderful submissive streak in himself that really gets off on being helpless, especially when Doug Jeffries is on top.
<link to DVD>
Tag Punished
Bad boy Tag's punishment starts with bondage, continues with flogging, fucking and humiliation.
<link to DVD>
Military Ties
Diego and Doug are two hot men in uniform, and today Doug�s on top in his military dungeon. Diego accepts what Doug does to him which includes bondage, hot wax and CBT/TT.
<link to DVD>
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