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modified: 17 Feb 2007

This video and associated graphic images are in full compliance with the record keeping requirements of 18 U.S.C. section 2257. [link to FetishMasters exemption statement]

Year of Production 2008

FetishMasters R Us is a small independent studio operating out of New York City producing quality "home" videos that are realistic because they are actual sessions.

 the Sore Sir's Apprentice

Click on the TV to watch video clips from "the Transformation"

Directed by Randy King and produced by Chris Coe
©2003, 2008 FetishMasters R Us, all rights reserved; images used by permission.

single DVD, running time 38 min.
plus previews of other FetishMasters R Us videos [Link]

Robert shows up at the warehouse of a renowned illusionist and escape artist (Mr. E) looking for employment as the magicianís assistant. Left to his own devices, Robert tries to steal a prop.
Caught in the act by the magician, Robert agrees to a challenge from the magician to try escaping from a series of wicked bondage devices.

The magician adds to the challenge by spanking, paddling, strapping, flogging and otherwise torturing Robert as he tries to escape. Bent over a spanking bench, tied to a cross, spread-eagled in a swinging frame, stretched on a wooden rack, having his nipples clamped and clothes pins pulled off his body, Robert is in ecstasy, leading to a self "climax".

Atmospheric direction by Randy King and a musical soundtrack. A must-have video for the spanking/paddling fetish lover (and good bondage/SM sequences too).


Bondage then a flogging followed by another paddling.
Tit clamps and torture by clothes pins.

Followed by some CBT.

Stretched out on a rack, Robert finally sees the face of his mentor.  Jacked off to the point of cumming by Mr. E, Robert shoots his apprentice cum without being touched (oh yeah, he gets the job).

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