the X-10 Formula

A “scientist” has developed a process to make supermen, our of ordinary soldiers, but needs to find subjects. Two Marines are fooled into competing in endurance tests as part of the selection process for a special team. The “war” games are taken very seriously by the two and include SEAL type training, and outdoor settings.
Finally, the real purpose of the experiment is exposed and one of the Marines becomes the first subject of X-10. Restrained in a rotating apparatus all of his intake and bodily functions will be controlled by the scientist.
Contains outtakes including building the X-10 apparatus and some deleted scenes.

Bondage and Discipline includes:
Bondage via rope, duct tape, mummification and metal restraints, abuse, the X10 apparatus (360 degree rotation and head box), forced ingestion of X10, breath control and man 2 man combat.

Featured Actors:
2 active duty Marine Drill Instructors.
single DVD, running time approximately 78 min.

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