Tough Enough Volume 2 is a special collection of deleted scenes and unreleased video footage with an emphasis on rough interrogation, breath control and humiliation.
The first section deals with breath control, and includes some smoke torture using a diving helmet, the metal bondage chair, and cell bar bondage. And additional scene (an extended clip from Men in Training not used in the video) uses a medical gurney and a military type diving suit. Includes close-ups of the diving helmet. (Overall section time 30 min.)
The second section explores endurance with an actual client scenario involving a Spanish head cage, heavy iron and the isolation room (18 min.) This part contains frontal and rear nudity. The actual scenario spanned several hours.
This section then moves on to the use of exhaustive pushups to instill discipline in the recruits from Men in Training (deleted footage, low camera angles and close-ups, 10 min.).
The final section covers rough interrogation with abuse and breath control in the form of a client scenario at the Academy Training Center. This clip spans capture on the highway, head shaving while bound in a chair, humiliation, rough interrogation, and lots of breath control. It ends with cell block abuse and humiliation (Note: short clips of this material can be found in History 3 and Men in Training). (Overall section time is 23 min.)

[The Wannabee Cop sequence in earlier versions has been moved to
Outtakes Part 2 to maintain quality.]

Featured Actors:
Rock, Bruno, Chris & their victim (grunt)

DIGITAL DVD, running time approximately 75 min. 
The quality of the video varies from good to very good.

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