Tough Enough (New Version) is a collection of deleted scenes and outtakes from four Academy videos, and material video taped from individual client scenarios or perhaps intended for an unreleased Academy video.
First up the straight jacketing of one Marine from High n Tight followed by some interrogation by Malloy. This is followed by serious interrogation scenes of two clients.
The fourth segment is what happens to the cop abducted in Kick-Ass Cops 2. Next we see brief torture with a stun gun . This is followed by Malloy in a deleted scene from Academy Training 3. Next up is a deleted scenes from Kick-Ass Cops 2. The video concludes with an interrogation scene from Boot Camp Corrections.

Some equipment used includes:
straight jacket, serious breath control, gas mask, heavy abuse, chair bondage, display case, cigars, a full body bubble, electro torture and intimidation.

The quality of the video varies from decent to very good.

Featured Actors:
Malloy, Gunner, Cross, Marine from High n Tight, characters from previous videos, Mike, some clients and TV stuntmen.

Analog DVD, running time approximately 78 min.

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