The Game (a.k.a. No Way Out!)
From the original video tape jacket:
“Two Marines and three civilians inadvertently witness the murder of a Marine General who was in the process of selling military classified information to a foreign power. They are subsequently pursued by the CIA, the Police, Military Intelligence and the Spy who was purchasing the information from the General.”

From the original video tape:
“The following program contains video tape of the most exciting, heart pounding, adrenaline rushing action adventure game ever offered on the planet. The participants involved are not actors, everything you are about to see is real, unrehearsed action.”

DVD description:
This is a highly edited hour long video contains the bondage, abuse and humiliation scenes from the original video. Missing are the 2 hours of endless driving around in a minivan. Two military men, and three civilians are mercilessly hounded, abused, harassed, abducted from hotel rooms, “arrested” on a highway and humiliated by Gunner, Cross and other Training Center instructors. They do get their revenge at the end however, tying up and humiliating some of the instructors, including Gunner who is tied, doused in shaving cream and made to crawl to the amusement of the his captors.

Filmed on location in the Atlanta area and at the (former) Academy Training Center in Alpharetta GA.
Featured Actors:
Gunner, Cross, various Academy Instructors and several clients of the Academy.

DIGITAL DVD, running time approximately 65 min. 
The quality of the video varies from good to very good.

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