the Finishers - Episode 1

The Finishers - Episode 1 is tale of deception and revenge. Officer Sarge is the perfect cop, who does his job too well. While on a routine call, Sarge is a ambushed and left for dead. Surviving he vows revenge and does what he feels is necessary to have his vengeance. Meeting up with vigilantes Deputy Hunter and Rigger, he joins forces with them to track down those responsible for his attempted murder.

This video is realistically filmed on location in a major metropolitan city (plus a subway car, hospital and morgue) and features graphic violence, abuse, bondage, Deputy Hunter chair bound and gagged with a harness and duct tape, Sarge is also bound; upside down suspension of an "informant in a straight jacket, paddling and whipping, and all other sorts of mayhem.
The DVD contains extensive outtakes (deleted scenes) and a photo gallery.

Featured Actors:
Sarge, Deputy Ryan Hunter and Rigger plus a large cast of extras.
digital  DVD in 16:9 format, main movie is 60 min. plus 19 min. of outtakes.

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