Team Recon

Teams of Marines, soldiers and special forces personnel compete for a cash prize and bragging rights. Each team has 48 hours to hunt, capture, and interrogate one of three civilians who are searching for a buried treasure,. The team that gets the information first is the winner. This video features many scenes of tough, man-to-man combat, authentic dress and field uniforms.
Think of this a “real” reality show, an action adventure survival game for challenge and $$$$. Lot’s of outdoor action.

Bondage and Scenarios:
Hogties, handcuffs, the wood bondage chair (see Academy Training 2), interrogation, field combat, uniforms, burying victim up to head, etc.

Featured Actors:
Large cast of active duty military characters, plus others scene in High n Tight, Kick-Ass Cops 2, Malloy.
single digital DVD, running time approximately 75 min.
Plus 14 min. of outtakes and deleted scene

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