This kidnapping was REAL! This was not staged, but was an actual abduction carried out by The Academy.
I woke up at 5 am. Looking outside, I saw that it was getting light out and my first thought was that it was not going to happen this weekend...again. How many times had I thought it was going to happen and it didn't?
I went back to sleep and very soon after (probably about 5:30 or so), I was roughly awakened by some hot, hooded abductors. I was bound, gagged, thrown in a van and driven to their secret location.
I had no idea where I was. They spent the weekend trying to pry information out of me. We had created a story to go along with the kidnapping and to give them something to do.
Includes deleted scenes and outtakes.

Bondage and Discipline includes:
Duct tape bondage and gagging, real abduction, chair bondage, general rough treatment, spread eagle.

contains frontal nudity, graphic abuse

Featured Actors:
Rock, Bruno, Chris & their victim (grunt)

running time approximately 1 hr. 40 min.

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