SWAT in Training

SWAT in Training stars world class body builder Scott Kline (who passed away in 2003) who learns what it means to be a member of a SWAT Team.
The video features a number of scenarios including Scott being tied to a hand truck, head harnessed and rolled into a warehouse. He is rescued by the SWAT team after an action-packed shoot-out. Scott and others go through an introduction to SWAT gear.
A former marine barricades himself inside an abandoned building and the team must use every method at their disposal to get him (and themselves) out safely.
Scott and Gunner have a disagreement resulting in some wrestling, turn-about bondage and abuse (mainly of Scott by Gunner).
Also include deleted scenes, one with a long hog-tie, bloopers (including one with the directory/writer) and more of Scott tied up in the warehouse.

Gear and Bondage includes:
SWAT gear, body armor, gas masks, prison cells, handcuffs, leather head harness, rope, uniforms, spread eagle to cell bars, hogtie, duct tape.
Filmed on location in Alpharetta, GA and at the former Academy Training Center in Alpharetta, GA

Featured Actors:
Gunner, the late Scott Klein, Malloy, off-duty SWAT officers and several victims.
single DVD, running time approximately 65 min.
PLUS 32 minutes of outtakes, bloopers and deleted scenes.

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