To Serve and Protect Original Director’s Cut
A cop's (Sarge from Top Cops, Rage) brother is dead, three veteran cops and one rookie end up in a struggle for control.
A drug king pin kills the brother of a vengeful cop. The cop enlists the aid of another officer to help him track down and kill the murderer. A rookie, determined to stop the cops from committing a serious crime, gets tangled up in the action. A veteran officer finds himself it a tight spot (taken down and duct-taped).
"To Serve and Protect" features a series of intense interrogations, car chases, escapes, and plenty of diverse locales and scenes that The Academy has become famous for.
The metro cops selected for this piece were adrenaline-pumped for their portrayal of police officers gone mad to catch a killer.
With plenty of intensity and real police action, this is one of the best videos produced by Academy Entertainment since "Final Justice".

Bondage and Abuse includes:
cuffing, unauthorized use of baton, duct tape, chair bondage, vertical bondage, choke holds, arrests and police brutality.

Includes some previews of Top Cops and Rage.

Featured Actors:
Sarge, Rigger, Hunter and a hapless victim.
Format: Digital - Two DVDs - 1 hr. 25 min and 1hr. 20 min.
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