Search and Seizure: A Warrant to Play

Actual dungeon action featuring a cop theme and forced action. Search and Seizure features a good performance by porn star Scott Spear and a respectable debut by Master Mike.

Master Mike opens his door to find Officer Scott (Scott Spears) who has a search warrant. When Office Scott goes upstairs he stumbles upon a the dungeon. Master Mike quickly seizes his gun and takes Office Scott prisoner.

Master Mike teaches his new slave several lessons in discipline, respect and service using paddles, gags, balls weights on a parachute, ass toys, a pin wheel over dick, bondage to a chain link fence and in a sling, slings and a good fucking. Allowing his grateful slave to cum on himself, Master Mike shoots onto his slave as well.

Directed by Chris Coe (The Transformation and the Sore Sirís Apprentice).

Year of Production 2008

Featured Actors:
Master Bill and Scott Spears

DIGITAL DVD, running time approximately 70 min.

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