Top Cops 2 - Rage

Rage is the continuation of Top Cops Episode One.
Rigger is an Army Airborne Ranger trained to deal with any situation. Sarge is a streetwise New York City cop experienced in dealing with criminals, hoodlums and thugs. Deputy Hunter is former Army, tough-as-nails and able to take more than even he can dish out.
Hunter meets Rigger and decides to join the Top Cops Team with or without Sarge and Rigger's consent. Hunter attempts to prove his worth to Sarge and Rigger. When that doesn't work, he resorts to more drastic measures. The resulting struggle for power and dominance brings RAGE boiling to the surface.

Bondage and scenarios include:
Forced drinking, tape, heavy restraint, submission wrestling, rope, intense corporal punishment, spitting, chair bondage, hoods, handcuffs, drug based interrogation, the Academy metal bondage chair, humiliation and intimidation.

Deleted scenes and two short subjects featuring Rigger and Hunter.

Featured Actors:
Sarge, Rigger, Hunter and a hapless victim.
Format: Digital - Two DVDs

Disk 1: Main Title 57 min. Outtakes 23 min.
Disk 2: Main Title 62 min. Outtakes 27 min.

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