Outtakes Vol. 2 contains material never before released, but intended for future publication as part of the Cop Shorts series. It also includes scenes from a private session deleted from the current version of Sealed UP!. Plus outtakes and bloopers from other videos.
Cops Shorts - the Wannabe
A young man, pretending to be a cop, runs into the staff at the Academy Training Center and learns the errors of his ways. Caught, wrestled down and threatened, he is bound to a medical gurney and subject to humiliation by Academy staff. Subject to more physical abuse and humiliation, he is then stripped of his "uniform", forced into prison orange and then hauled off to the cell block.
Running time 23 min.
Private Session
Partially directed by Chip (who also did the camera work), this collection of private sessions was video taped at the Academy Training Center. Very personal and very real, the footage involves a uniform scene with three "cops" and a separate flogging scene.
Running time 39 min.  NOTE: Private Session contains frontal nudity, self-stimulation and rude talk.  (This is material deleted from Sealed UP!)
Cold Steel - the Haircut
The original opening scene from Cold Steel feature a forced boot camp haircut administered by Ken in a skin tight "cat" suit.
Run time 14 min.
Bloopers and Outtakes
Some fun blooper footage from the Academy Brig and some outtakes from Tops Cops, plus a prank pulled on director Chip by the cast of Academy Training 2.
Run time 27 min.
Featured Actors:
Clients of the Academy Training Center and various other actors and instructors from the videos.

single mixed analog/digital DVD, running time 1 hr. 40 min.

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