Academy Outtakes - Vol. 1

Outtakes Vol. 1 is a collection of short subjects, deleted scenes from other titles and material intended for release but never used. The video was used for advertising the services of the former Academy Training Center and the videos.
Part One
Short subjects featuring Malloy in the display case and an outtake from Beyond the Law featuring Malloy. In addition, there is an outtake from the Program Information video.
Part Two
Deleted scenes and outtakes from Final Justice, the apartment break-in and the cell bars bondage scene, and from Beyond the Law including the sports store, some dungeon activities and the prisoner abuse sequence.
Part Three
Material (bondage to cell bars and abuse) originally intended for inclusion in High and Tight involving the staff sergeant, Gunny and Malloy. This is followed by the same characters in publicity material involving medical gurney bondage and some abuse.
Part Four
The material here includes some quick scenes from Cold Steel and some alternate scenes from Kick–Ass Cops. The video concludes with one of the short “commercials” for the Training Center .

Featured Actors:
Gunny, Malloy, the Staff Sergeant, the bottom from Cold Steel & Kick-Ass Cops, clients of the Academy Training Center and various other actors from the videos.
Format: single mixed analog/digital DVD, running time 92 min.
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