Nine Tenths of the Law is a tale of the abuse of power, intense control, humiliation and abuse of a prisoner in a small town jail. A Marine is arrested and falls into the clutches of two cops, one of which (Gunner) believes he can do anything with a prisoner. Over the next 4 days the prisoner is strip searched, subjected to anal probes, restrained, humiliated, intimidated, and both mentally and physically abused . He is chained and forced to lick the policemanís boots. And in the final indignity, is subjected to both anal and oral assault.
Finally, the other cop (Ryan) intervenes and takes Gunner down.

Bondage includes:
cuffing, hogties with handcuffs and leg irons, transport chair bondage, nightsticks, paddles, breath control, blindfolds, physical intimidation, boot licking.

Includes nudity and simulated anal /oral sex.
Year of Production 1997

Featured Actors:
Gunner, Ryan and an un-named Marine victim (Alan, one of the Academy stock players).

single DVD, running time approximately 90 min.

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