Men in Training

Five reservists are arrested by police and brought to jail, the military and corrections staff decide to offer them a "training program" in exchange for removing their arrest record. Corrections officers humiliate and abuse the marines to toughen them up. One marine is placed in a dry diving suit and diving helmet and restrained with bottled air, another detainee is selected to be the capture victim and is placed in a mummy bag, duct taped and put in a coffin. The other reservists are put through tough physical training, and bondage as part of the training.
Expanded edition: includes deleted scenes and bloopers.

Bondage and Gear:
Diving helmets, basic rope bondage, hog ties, straight jackets, duct tape chair bondage, breath control, uniforms.

Featured Actors:
Academy instructors, Army and Marine reservists,
Malloy and Gunner, correctional offices.

single DVD, running time approximately 88 mins.

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