the Manhunters

Seasoned bounty hunter Deputy Hunter (Gunner) takes on a new rookie partner in this series opener. Although Deputy Ryan is never intimidated, always ready for a fight and always looking for the next challenge from Hunter, he quickly learns that in this business, he had better watch, listen and learn because as Hunter says, "It's my way or the highway!".
By way of initiation, Hunter puts Ryan through some of the intense interrogation techniques he has developed over the years - techniques that bail jumpers usually can't resist.
The 225 lb. Ryan is absolutely immobile after he is strapped and bolted into the most unusual restraint chair ever devised. And once the head restraint is applied, the rookie quickly realizes that he is completely at Hunter's mercy.
Conflict between the two men quickly turns to friendship as the officers go about their duties. At a routine traffic stop, the two encounter and capture a bail jumper, then use Hunter's proven tactics to get the information they need.

Bondage includes:
cuffing, the Academy restraint chair, inflatable rubber sleep sack.

Featured Actors:
Gunner, Ryan and some perpetrators.
DIGITAL DVD, running time approximately 82 min.

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