Learning the Ropes

Practical instruction in the techniques of rope bondage as used at the Academy and in many of the videos. This video features a couple of light, semi-humorous moments.
Part One
general discussion of basic knots and ties including the “Swiss Seat” a rappelling harness fundamental to many later bondage approaches.
Part Two
consists of three specialized segments including:
chair bondage
hog tie on a cot (and how to make it into a torture hog tie)
reverse hog tie in which the student becomes the practitioner.

We should add the caution that half-hitch rope attachment to limbs should be used with CAUTION as it is very easy to cut off circulation or damage a nerve when the hitch tightens up.
Best practice is to be able to stick a finger between the rope and skin.

NOW includes bonus footage of Brandon and Joe in bondage scenes from Force Recon.

Featured Actors:
The Rope Master (seen in Academy Training 1, 2, Force Recon and several other videos), Brandon (seen in several other videos including Academy Training 2 and Force Recon) and Joe Lando also seen in Force Recon.
single DVD, running time approximately 75 min;
plus 10 min of outtakes.

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