Kick-Ass Cops 2 - Bounty Hunters

Kick-Ass Cops II is a bit of a sequel to Kick-Ass Cops. Gunner and Cross are now bounty hunters (hence the title) tracking down two bail jumpers. The first is captured and put in a wooden cage for transport. He ends up in a grease pit. The second one is not so lucky. Captured by Gunner and Cross, he ends up suspended in a dungeon and beaten on. Malloy joins the bounty hunters in this. Along the way, our trio kidnaps a young police officer then abuses him at the Center.
Later on our bounty hunters turn on their employer, stripping him, hog tying him and then dumping him into a pool. Malloy shows up and then turns the tables on both Gunner and Cross who both end up bound by video end.

Bondage and discipline includes:
Basic rope bondage, bondage suit, spider web suspension, isolation-bubble, hoods, paddles, flogs, handcuffs and general hazing and harassment

Video contains frontal nudity

Featured Actors:
Malloy, Gunner, Cross,  Tony and various victims.
single DVD, running time approximately 1 hr. 35 min.

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