Kick-Ass Cops 1 - Retribution

Kick-Ass Cops 1 was the first appearance of the “Hitchhiker”.
A hitch-hiker is arrested and the cop (Malloy) decides to teach him a little something about respect. Taken home to a private dungeon, the hitchhiker is bound, gagged, worked over on a restraint table, paddled, whipped and more.
Later, the hitch-hiker manages to escape, lies to his brother (Gunner), who is a Marine, about what happened to enlist his help in taking some revenge on the cop. The Hitchhiker, the Marine and his buddy, a Navy SEAL (Cross) go after the cop.
Finally, the truth comes out and little brother is taught another lesson.

Bondage and Discipline includes:
cuffing, upside down suspension, confinement in a cage and emergency stretcher, hogtie, heavy leather hood, face down bondage on a bondage board, flogging and ass paddling.
Includes outtakes and deleted scenes, and a preview of KAC-2

Video contains rear nudity and brief frontal nudity

Featured Actors:
Malloy, Gunner, Cross & The Hitchhiker.
single DVD, running time approximately 1 hr. 45 min.

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