Academy Instructors

Academy Instructors: Atlanta
Video taped in the mid 1990s, Academy Instructors: Atlanta is classic Academy Training Video. Taken from surveillance cameras, the video shows what was actually experiences by clients of the Academy Training Center.
Scenarios include: intake and booking, strip searches, cuffing to cell bars, life in the Training Center cell blocks, humiliation, cell block punishment, hogties, rubber gear, bondage on a medical gurney, military discipline and a total mummification.
Action may involve just instructors and one “client” or might involve groups of individuals. Also included are surveillance camera out-takes from the Previously released Men in Training.
Contains brief nudity

Academy Instructors: Washington
From the original liner notes by the director, Chip Weichelt:
“You will see all the REAL Cops, REAL Marines, Corrections officers and their interaction with prisoners in documentary-style cinematography. Many of your favorite characters will be seen as Instructors but the real treat will be seeing the cops you have never seen in previous videos. …..
In this series of videos, 10 Instructors appear that have never been seen on video before, including Deputy BM who is the duct tape king. This is real and unscripted, the action contained in an Academy experience has not been duplicated by ANYONE in this type of environment. There will be interrogations, strip searches, restraint, cell time, prisoners resisting, cuffing, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and much more. The tapes are gritty, the viewer will feel the intensity of the Instructors personality and control. “
Some violent scenes.

As this footage is almost entirely surveillance camera, it is in glorious black and weight (note—some scenes in Washington are in color). Video quality is OK however, the sound quality varies from poor to good as well; and some clips are silent.
two DVDs, running time approximately 70 and 75 min. respectively

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