Hogtied! - A Video Collectio
  • Hogtied is a collection of hogties from a number of previously released Academy Training Center. Fleetwood Production and Top Cops videos.
    The collection includes:
    Academy Training 4 Gunner hogtied
    Atlanta Knights hogtied in the warehouse
    Force Recon Hogtied out in the woods
    Kick-Ass Cops 1 hogtied while hooded
    Kick-Ass Cope 2 hogtied in the nude, Cross hogtied
    Learning the Ropes demonstration of hogtie techniques
    Men in Training the example, hogtie duo, hogtied in a straight jacket
    S.W.A.T. in Training hogtie from deleted scenes
    Top Cops Rage Hunter hogtied by Rigger

    Other hogtie scenarios can be found in the Finishers, bonus materials
Featured Actors:
Clients of the Academy Training Center and various other actors and instructors from the above mentioned videos.
single mixed analog/digital DVD, running time approximately 100 min.

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