High n Tight

In High ‘n Tight, three Marines are abducted by a mysterious group of CIA individual posing as police officers. Using a variety of bondage and abuse techniques they interrogate the Marines as to the identity of a murderer. Finally rescued by their gunny sergeant, after he is bound and abused as well, the Marines turn the tables on their captors. Revenge is sweet.

Bondage and Techniques:
A 20 minute long, duct tape mummification scene, upside down bondage and interrogation, straight jackets, netting, drugs, cuffing to cell bars. Also includes physical abuse and partial nudity.
Now with expanded scenes.

Featured Actors:
Active Duty Marines from local Marine Base in Georgia, Malloy, Gunner, Tony, Cross and “Blondie.”

single DVD, running time approximately 88 mins.

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