Final Justice

Final Justice has a rather convoluted plot. A cop (Gunner) has lost his partner and vows revenge. He resorts to sexual humiliation to dominate and control those people who might stand in the way of the cop getting his revenge
He soon discovers that no one is who he seems to be and that other cops who he trusts are on the take.
Double crosses abound as a cop on the take turns on his boss, only to find himself as a victim. Finally Gunner makes a breakthrough and a prisoner talks. With help from a friend he kidnaps the mob boss responsible and justice is finally served. Filmed on locations including a warehouse, rail yard, ritzy condos and of course the detention facilities at the Academy Training Center.
Includes one restored scene and one deleted scene.

Bondage includes:
cuffing, suspension, straight jackets, tying to cell bars, chair bondage, hoods, transport chains and physical intimidation.

Featured Actors:
Burris, Block, Gunner, the bail jumper from Kick-Ass 2, and assorted off duty police offices and others.
single DVD, running time approximately 99 min.

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