the Collector

The Collector is about a doctor who needs fresh sperm for some experiments. So he hires a bounty hunter (Gunner) to collect the sperm for him.
Gunner finds an ideal subject in “the Hitchhiker” (last seen in Cold Steel) who he abducts and keeps naked and restrained while he forcibly extracts sperm. Throughout his torture, our victim is subjected to repeated verbal abuse and mental hazing including brainwashing. Our victim finally ends up on display in a large glass enclosure. Gunner even turns on the doctor.

Bondage and Discipline includes:
Cuffing, restraint in the Academy wooden chair, restraint in the Academy rotating metal chair, straight jackets, the Vacuum Rack (Vac Rac) , confinement in a cells, vibrators used on genitals, gas masks, smoke and physical abuse.

Bonus Footage: An outtake from Cold Steel involving forced drinking and pissing.

contains frontal nudity

Featured Actors:
Gunner, the Hitchhiker, Malloy and an anonymous doctor.
single DVD, running time approximately 2 hr.

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