Cold Steel

Cold Steel reunites the two tops and the bottom from Kick-Ass Cops 1.
The video has very little plot. Basically a prisoner is at the mercy of mysterious cops and must endure whatever is dished out. And there are lots of ways of humiliating and degrading a prisoner:

  • forced cigar smoking;; drinking and boot licking;
  • diapers; bondage;
  • paddles;
  • use of stun guns

There is also some “turn-about is fair play” as Gunner turns on Malloy.

Bondage and discipline includes:
Heavy metal helmets, basic rope bondage and straight jackets are also employed, along with electro torture, upside down suspension and confinement in a restraint chair and a metal “bird” cage”. Plus there is some wet, duct-tape bondage and severe ass paddling.
contains frontal nudity

Featured Actors:
Malloy, Gunner & The Hitchhiker.
single DVD, running time approximately 2 hrs.

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