Boot Camp Corrections

Boot Camp Corrections is a two disk set featuring the facilities and staff of the Academy Training Center.
Much of the footage is surveillance cameras in the main room and the cell block. However, some scenes were filmed in color.
The action is real (and at times slow), but this is a good portrayal of what actually went on within the Academy Training Center.
Part One
follows the incarceration of four suspected criminals at the Academy Training Center in Georgia.
Starting with intake processing and strip searches, our suspects are controlled, abused and intimidated into confessing. In addition, there are scenes from inside the cells themselves.
Part Two
Our inmates are starting to settle down into the routine of the Academy cell block and abuse. Meanwhile, the instructors are increasing the pressure on the inmates to confess.
Some inmates are forced to clean up the cell block in handcuffs and leg irons, the bondage gets more severe, and there is a falling out amongst the suspects. Finally, the instructors come up with a more effective technique.

Activities, Bondage and Discipline include:
cuffing, lockup discipline, strip searches, confinement in a cells, bondage to cell bars, chair bondage, breath control, isolation, straight jackets, medical gurney bondage, leg irons, intimidation and general physical abuse.  Contains brief frontal nudity

Featured Actors:
Chris, Malloy, the Academy instructors and D.I.s plus four movie stuntmen (who spend the entire weekend incarcerated at the Academy facility).
two DVDs, running time approximately 70 and 60 min respectively

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