Beyond the Law

Several false arrests and abductions have taken place recently, and every investigation seems to indicate that a rotten cop may be the perpetrator. Five police officers work to figure out which one of them is the serial killer before it's too late.
The focus of the plot is about a motorcycle cop (Gunner) who kidnaps innocent men, takes his victims to his basement and restrains them in hopeless situations. After torturing them, he kills them. Each victim ends up duct taped and hanging from the ceiling in clear plastic bags.

Part One consists of a number of inter-spaced bondage scenarios, a long sequence of a boxer who is arrested on the road and then taken to a deserted institution for a lot of rough abuse by several deputies. Gunner is also abused by fellow officers.

Part Two moves outdoors for some police action, arrests and some more bondage and other nefarious doings. One victim is actually made the prey in a hunt.
Lotís of location shooting including outdoors, the gym, the aforementioned institution and a dungeon

Bondage and discipline includes:
Cuffing, jail cells, suspension, confinement in a cage, coffins, hospital restraints, bondage board, lots of rough arrests, water torture, police brutality, rope head harness, hog tie, smoke torture and physical intimidation.

This Re-edited version contains additional (previously deleted) footage.
Contains some nudity

Featured Actors:
Burris, Malloy, Gunner, Eric Ryan, Alan, assorted off duty police offices and various victims.
two DVDs, running time approximately 3 hr. 30 min.

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