Atlanta Knights

Directed by G.R. “Chip” Weichelt founder of the Academy Training Center, Atlanta Knights was the first full length Academy Entertainment video to feature the realistic police action and full story lines seen in later videos. It was intended to be shown on TV.
Atlanta Knights is the story of Officer Stevens, a motorcycle cop who follows up on an investigation without backup once too many times and gets into trouble. Kidnapped and abused by mob members, Stevens needs to be rescued from by a S.W.A.T. Team from a warehouse where he sits bound with a bomb strapped to his chest. Is there a happy ending? Watch the video. Lot’s of police action including a foiled robbery .

As a bonus feature, this video includes some outtakes and a short home movie type video by the director featuring star Dave Monroe at Dave’s waterside home.

Featured Actors:
David Monroe, J.C. Martin, Woody Tripp, Ray Lloyd, Curtis Leslie, Chet Williams, Bill Davis, Tom Arnold and actual local Police officers and SWAT members.
analog DVD, main movie 59 min plus 16 min. of extras.

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