Academy Training Four: Prisoner Abuse

ATC IV is realistic cop abuse in the tradition of Cold Steel and Nine Tenths of the Law. This video is more wild and bizarre than ever before. Unlike the previous Academy Training videos, this one concentrates on just one victim.
The video documents three days of abuse and humiliation of a client of the Academy Training Center (retired Marine).
Day One
Starts off with a humiliating strip search, dirty rough man talk. Our prisoner is subjected to all sorts of humiliation including boot licking, and is hung upside down, handcuff ed and then subjected to anal probing with police baton and taser, and other physical abuse.
Day Two
Day two continues with the abuse and humiliation of our Marine who is strung up and shaved, serves as a punching bag (gut punching) and of course spends time in a jail cell. Even that is no relief as he is subjected to more abuse to reinforce the brig-like discipline including breath control. Then in Academy video tradition, one of the cops (Gunner) finds himself on the receiving end and is hogtied.
Day Three
Day three features the ultimate abuse and humiliation as our prisoner is strapped to the cell bars and is sexually assaulted at both ends.

Includes nudity and simulated anal /oral sex.

Featured Actors:
Gunner, Cross and an un-named prisoner (an Academy client).

single DVD, running time approximately 1hr. 40 min.

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