Academy Training Part Three is two-part video.
Part One is subtitled “the Collection”. Basically a wealthy man collects men in uniform and puts them on displays. Each subject is injected with a serum that renders them rather placid and immobile. Then they are put into the Academy’s glass enclosed display box. Victims include a Cop, a commando and Malloy (stripped down to boots, jock and pistol belt.
Part Two is about a police officer who is abducted by the local mob who believe he knows the whereabouts of something they want. Part of the time he is handcuffed to a wall of two by fours. Later on, he is strung up by his handcuffed wrists and abused and interrogated. Finally, he is placed in a coffin and buried out in the back yard as a final means of getting him to talk.

Bondage and Discipline includes:
Medical cot bondage, anesthesia, bondage in the Academy Display box, handcuffs, physical abuse and a coffin.
Featured Actors:
Malloy, Gunner, Alan, the victim from ACT-2, assorted cops.
single DVD, running time approximately 75 min.
Plus 15 minutes of outtakes and bloopers

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